Thank you so much for such a wonderful set up and for hosting such a fun filled party for Diya. Murli and I really appreciate it. The kids seemed to have so much fun whether it was the tiling project, or the treasure hunt and the photo booth or just running around your premises and playing balloon with your husband. We loved the set up, I am sure there was so much effort that was put in by you and the result was amazing and you made it seem seamless, and we thank you for making our daughter’s birthday special.  Please thank your husband and daughter for all their help too. This w. as a lovely party and we are so glad that our paths crossed.
-Usha K. Fremont

For this school year I enrolled my child for Craft and Creative writing class. I am loving the way my kid is having fun making new stuff and expressing it. Last week we celebrated my kid's birthday at the Kids Be Inspired. We decided to go for Thomas train theme. Teacher Suchitra planned everything and did the decoration beyond my imagination. It was a surprise party. My kid was so happy. Teacher Suchitra did everything. She even got a face painter. I was able to attend to my guest. She arranged all the activities. For older kids she made them do a tile coaster and younger ones did a train painting using a sponge. All the kids had a blast!!
My kid loved the train teacher Suchitra made for him. At the party we used it as a center piece and filled it up with party favors and now at home my son plays with it happily.

Thank you teacher Suchitra for helping us make such a wonderful memory for my kid :)

-Unnati. D Fremont​

Suchitra,very good crafts. Ananya enjoyed your craft camp very much. All projects were new, very creative and useful. Loved the Totem Pole, Mosaic Art and Decoupage.Thanks so much!
-Roopa, Union City
My daughter had an amazing experience, bringing home not only beautiful crafts and paintings every day, but also writing samples about her artwork that Suchitra had thoughtfully graded. Paper mache, a collage of her dance pictures, and beautiful hand-painted boxes were also part of her projects. In addition, she had daily science lessons included as part of the curriculum, which culminated in a beautiful mini-ecosystem created in a jar. I am so happy that my daughter got this experience of doing something she loves for her week off, and as a working mother, I really appreciated Suchitra's flexibility in adapting to our schedule for the week. I look forward to sending my kids to this camp in the future and highly recommend it as a wonderful enrichment activity for kids during their vacation. 
-Anjali, San Leandro
Our son Abraham who's 13 this July (2014), has been attending Ms. Das's classes for almost a year twice a week... Abraham is a little different from your "regular" kids as he is very special with Down syndrome. This means his learning skills are unique and requires one to be very creative, patient and passionate about how they work with him. Ms. Das has truly been that person, she really pours her heart into the class and brings the best out of Abraham. Abraham is very sensitive to people's presence, Attitude and vibe if he feels that your are not truly connected to him on his level then there is no relationship period. This is where Ms. Das has made an impact on Abraham and us TOO. While several times my wife n I had decided to take Abraham for different activities such as music or sports we decided that Abraham was enjoying what he did and looks forward to his classes as well as learning which has impacted his other life skills positively because of Ms. Das's methods of teaching. Just to add something factual and tangible learning about Ms. Das's classes, we recently had an evaluation done on Abraham and the evaluator was really impressed with his fine motor skills, drawings and his drawing skills. Ms. Das Thank You! For not only pleasing us but importantly our son who radiates with happiness knowing he has art class!!!
-Abraham's Parents. Fremont, CA
My son Christian have been attending Ms.D's classes for almost 2yrs now. Christian looks forward to his classes, because he always enjoys whatever his teacher has in store for him.​​
-Carlyn. Hayward, CA
​I'm very much pleased with my son, Nishanth's improvement in last 2-3 months. Nishanth is 6yr old, 1st grader; No major complaints with him but, his focus. I had tough time make him sit at one place for continuous 10 -15 mins and concentrate on regular activities (homework, reading etc...) Ms. Das's art-work classes helping him a lot... I see major change in his approach and thinking. I'm Very much satisfied with his improvement. His drawings, thinking and his approach towards little things speaks a lot. He is getting better day-by-day Thanks a lot Ms. Das :-) 
-Praveena, Hayward, CA
We sent our kids to one of her free art class during summer and were impressed with the place. We decided to host our daughters 7th birthday party here. Being used to lot of commercial style parties in the past, this came as a pleasant surprise for us. Suchitra added a lot of personal touch to every aspect of the party. My daughter wanted a generic princess party with some art activity. We picked decoupage party and Suchitra took care of setting up the entire place right from creating a castle like entrance (amazing), getting materials for decoupage activity and she also added game time and princess style goodie bag which were not there as part of the package (surprise!!!).
-Meena D. Fremont, CA