Mission: Kids n' Creativity

Art classes are intended to be purely creative, yet structured so that a child learns and moves to the next level with confidence. We encourage our students to indulge in undiluted fun, and boundless expression. We teach our students to think out-of-the-box, and to accept challenges in order to create works of art, above and beyond. These classes are designed to be expressions of your child at play; imagining while playing, creating while imagining, playing while creating.
Especially now, when school curriculum is more academic oriented and fact based, children need that extra imaginative space. Doing art precisely fills that space as it is an act of relaxation.  A relaxed mind is a functioning mind. A creative child is a happy child. Studies have shown children involved with creative activities have higher IQ levels.  Creative art is one of the best forms of harnessing the imaginative power of a child. When your child creates artistically, the following positive signs emerge:
  1. Growth in confidence
  2. Eagerness to learn   
  3. Increased concentration levels 
  4. Increased focus 
  5. Ability to think and connect 
  6. Ability to follow directions and learn sequencing 
  7. Dexterity and nimbleness of fingers 
  8. Increased fine motor skills 
  9. Verbal competence ​ 
  10. Social Interaction

We believe every child has a talent, and Kids Be Inspired makes sure that talent blossoms ten-fold.​ Our program understands the basic need for expression, and contributes to the all-around development of your child's intelligence and confidence. The most important outcome of this creative exercise is that your child finds ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment in seeing art unfold before their own eyes, and that is the greatest achievement of all!