About Me

After completing my Post Graduation in Arts and Master of Philosophy in English (English Literature, Language & Communication), I began my career in the teaching profession. I have taught children from elementary to high school as well as undergraduates and post graduates at universities, and continue to instruct/tutor children in Writing and the Language Arts. I also write articles, short stories, and poems for literary journals and magazines.
Apart from writing, I have had a lifelong passion for painting and crafting. I have been trained in, and acquired expertise in various creative arts such as drawing and painting, marbling, candle making, soap making, basket-weaving,sewing,embroidery, knitting, crochet. There are a few more crafts like tile work, clay sculpting, quilling, stenciling and embossing that I have also trained in.  I have the experience of teaching basic drawing and  painting as well as advanced art classes
Kids Be Inspired is inspired by my own love for spending creative and quality time with my kids. My skills as  a creative artist has been put to test when I make Halloween costumes,  carve pumpkins, celebrate our festivals both ethnic and American, school projects, hosting  birthday parties and my kids’ play dates . I have been volunteering in my kids’ elementary schools for the past several years till date and work closely with young children. I know exactly what keeps their attention focused until the project is done. I was a MAGIC (Music, Art & Geography in Concert--an enrichment program) docent and have taught kids, kindergarten through 6th grade. I also teach art to special-needs children. I have planned and hosted several creative birthday parties in Fremont to the great satisfaction of my clients, and organised community art events for celebrations and festivals.