Mission: Kids n' Creativity


Summer Camps
Activities such as drawing, painting, cutting, and rearranging, fuel imagination and creativity. We have to start the process of creation from simple things, and then go on to create more intricate and challenging crafts. Some art and crafts may look simple but they are not; they involve techniques that need to be learnt. If we know how to make snowflakes we can make paper-sculptures; if we know how to shape clay we can go on to sculpt breathtaking statues and monuments; if we can paint a line we can become a Picasso; the possibilities are endless. The foundation for drawing, painting, and crafting starts at  Kids Be Inspired. Kids Be Inspired classes concentrate on teaching children how to use their imagination most effectively. 

Art classes are intended to be purely creative, yet structured so that a child learns and moves to the next level with confidence. We encourage our students to indulge in undiluted fun, and boundless expression. We teach our students to think out-of-the-box, and to accept challenges in order to create works of art, above and beyond. These classes are designed to be expressions of your child at play; imagining while playing, creating while imagining, playing while creating.
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Summer Camps